Steamery Cirrus N°2 Mint Steamer Steamery

Steamery Cirrus N°2 Mint Steamer Steamery

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Cirrus N°2 travel steamers in mint. Contains: a steamer, a heat protection bag, instructions booklet.
This stainless steel clothes steamer heats up in 25 seconds, weights 590g, holds 83ml for 6 minutes of steam, comes with an attachment for delicate fabrics, one-year warranty.
Use of de-mineralised water recommended. Efficient, easy to use at home and easy to bring on a weekend- or a business trip. The Cirrus N°2 steamer works on all kinds of fabrics, from the most delicate silk to the sturdiest linen. Your clothes get smooth and wrinkle-free thanks to the stainless steel head and delicate-fabric attachment, whilst the steam also reduces bad odours and removes shallow dirt - a
simple, time-saving and a gentler alternative to ironing.


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